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JabaMud is an attempt to build a graphically stunning immersive 3D world. This page is the source for project information. Any developer, graphic artist (Lightwave, Maya, Blender, Ac3d), web design dude, interested in this project please mail me at mass@lvcm.com. There are several aspects of this game that one can develop. We need people to code the client (Java3D,AWT/Swing), and people to code the server (advanced combat, social commands, player storage, networking). We also need the creative types that have ideas for the game, these people will sit around and brainstorm new game ideas. Developers please read both the framework and vision, they are very important!
Project vision
Project framework

You should also look at the Implementation specs and todo page, this is a work in progress.
Implementation specs and todo

If you want to play this game and or implement a world and you have any questions or comments please don't be afraid to post messages to the forums provided by sourceforge.
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